Sunday, January 29, 2012


There are plenty of golf nuts, and, in fact, the Golf Nut Society of America awards a prize each year to the top golf nut of the year. Michael Jordan once won it for skipping the ceremony where he was to receive the MVP award in order instead to play a round with his friends. But, as we golfers know, there are plenty of people who find golf boring or worse. Here's my personal list of top five reasons why people hate golf from a recent interview with the Duke News Service.


Blogger Charles Boatright said...

I understand that golf isn't for everyone, but everyone should be able to admire the skill, dedication, and practice put in by golfers. I will agree that I would rather play than watch, but appreciating the skill is what makes all sports entertaining.

If it is not for you, no worries. Let the rest of us enjoy the game.

Chuck @ The QATSPY Golf Approach

7:39 AM  

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